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helen + david wedding at shutters

The day finally came… our little helen was getting married!!!! Poor little thing looked so stressed that day hoping that every detail was just right! Fortunately… everything turned out wonderfully… if not perfect!!! Congrats to David and Helen!!!! Here are a few shots from the BIG day!

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miriam + eric (one month later)

I’m so excited to post this entry because I’ve never gotten a chance to do “wedding attire” photos yet until now!! Miriam and Eric (two of my best friends in the whole world) asked me to do a “trash the dress” or “day after” shoot for them… but one, the dress was too beautiful to […]

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chris + brenda (practice session)

Chris and I have been friends since the 3rd grade (one of my oldest friends to this day)! We lived like a few houses down too, so we were always at each others places playing video games, basketball, baseball, and whatever else kids did back then. So it’s pretty crazy and awesome that we’re both […]

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